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His Holiness Sheikh El Nayyal Abdelqadir Muhammad Abu Groon, a descendent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), was born in 1947 in Sudan in a village established by, and named after, his renowned grandfather (H. H. Sheikh Muhammad Abu Groon) to be the home of his Sufi traditional institution. Unlike many traditional Sufis, H. H. Sheikh Muhammad Abu Groon (1860-1936) relied on unwavering adherence to Taqwa (God-consciousness) in endeavouring the deep realms of the Divine Truth, empowered exclusively by love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and certainty about his spiritual path. His son H. H. Sheikh Abdelqadir (1907-2000), the father of H.H. Sheikh El Nayyal, followed the way of his predecessor also through the love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). After actualisation of the Divine Love and the love of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), he developed his own style of relaying the knowledge and wisdom of the Prophet (PBUH) and the beauty of following his path to attain good conduct, in a format of poems and rhymes, easy and perceivable by everybody. He raised his son H. H. Sheikh El Nayyal upon loving Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and devoted him to learning the pure message of Islam in their traditional institution besides academic education.

Since his childhood, H. H. Sheikh El Nayyal followed the way of his forefathers in actualising Divine & Prophetic love. Moreover, he started exploring the sources of Islam: the Holy Quran & Sunnah (reports on Prophetic tradition) as well as the major works in Islamic thought and Sufism. He graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Khartoum in 1970 and took several positions in the justice system of Sudan including High Court Judge and Minister of Legal Affairs.

In the early 1970’s the author wrote his first book: Al-Sirat Al- Mustaqeem (The Straight Path), a comprehensive short account on Islamic theology. Many commentators at that time agreed on two points about this book: 1- It was the first rational and convincing argumentation of the core elements of the Religion, viz. Islam (achieving peace with God-The Merciful and living in peace with His creation), Iman (achieving the love of God & His Messenger) and Ihsan (achieving excellence in Islam and Iman). Also, this book tackles difficult creedal issues like Qadar (Divine Decree); 2- Its style was unique in illustrating these subtle religious concepts as each word was very carefully chosen to serve the precise meaning intended by the author. Then he wrote his book: Kulliyat Al-Insaan: The Holistic Nature of the Human Being. Recently, the Arabic versions of these two books were published in one volume called Kulliyat Al-Insaan (2012).

In all his writings, the author kept to his own unprecedented rigorous methodology (or Manhaj in Arabic) in clarifying both the status of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) and his message. The author used the criteria of his Manhaj in checking the authenticity of the Prophetic traditions (reports of Sunnah) and the accuracy of interpretations of the Holy Quran since they constitute the basis for Islamic heritage.

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