Faith in Life

Dedicated to promoting personal and social well-being and challenging ideologies and perceptions that encourage segregation, discrimination, and violence.

Personal and social wellbeing

Human personal and social wellbeing complement physical good health. There are psychological and sociological needs for a good worldview; most of these needs are included in human heritage and the teachings of world religions. We believe that models of counselling and psychotherapy would be effective if they are sensitive to the client’s worldview. Therefore, the OLF has developed an integrated model of counselling and psychotherapy for both mental and social wellbeing.

Sources of extremism, radicalisation, and violence

Those who’s worldviews do not answer the questions about their identity, purpose, and priorities, may be provided with answers or actions by other cultures, politics, or activism. Consequently, they may become isolated from their own communities. These answers may include irrational beliefs from much more dangerous sources such as cults, extremist secular ideologies, or fundamentalist interpretations of religion. To maintain good community relations, the OLF has developed models for challenging radical ideologies and perceptions that encourage segregation, discrimination, or violence as well as models for rehabilitation.

Current Activities

The OLF has a partnership contract with local authorities in Newport, South Wales to provide counselling and psychotherapy as needed. This partnership will continue for three years. Moreover, we provide counselling and social support for self-referral clients covering mental health, marital relations, parenting, and social relations.

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