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The Onyx Link Foundation is established by people who earnestly work with all people to achieve their wellbeing and happiness. Therefore, we present our vision for the mission of the OLF in a form of a worldview.

A worldview is the set of beliefs about fundamental aspects of Reality that ground and influence all one's perceiving, thinking, knowing, and doing.

"There is in mankind a persistent tendency to achieve a comprehensive interpretation, a Weltanschauung, or philosophy, in which a picture of reality is combined with a sense of its meaning and value and with principles of action" ... H.P. Rickman[1].

A worldview is the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. Therefore, a personal worldview may consist of beliefs about: the nature and sources of knowledge; the ultimate nature of Reality; the origins and nature of the universe, life, and especially Man; the meaning and purpose of the universe, its inanimate elements, and its inhabitants; the existence and nature of God; the nature and purpose of Man in general and, oneself in particular; and the nature of value - what is good and bad, what is right and wrong. Each of these subsets of worldview (each of these views) is highly interrelated with and affects virtually all the others.

However, a worldview may be held by an individual, a group of people, or possibly by all people. There is evidence that even bacteria and unicellular parasites have a shared sense of their reality upon which they act as a group[2].

Rescher[3], in the section “The need for philosophy: humans as homo quaerens” argued in details from an evolutionary point of view that humans' strength is in their capacity to acquire and use knowledge of the world. “We are neither numerous and prolific (like the ant and the termite), nor tough and aggressive (like the shark). Weak and vulnerable creatures, we are constrained to make our evolutionary way in the world by the use of brainpower.”

Components of the OLF worldview: We - the founders, advisors, and staff of the OLF – share the following worldview as a focus on our hope for humanity and our joint work to achieve it:

We believe that the universe from its beginning to the emergence of life, and its perfection by the appearance of humans is a splendid phase in a continued illustration of value and purpose. We believe this value and purpose, from human perspective, would surely include appreciation of beauty in all aspects of reality; this would surely induce love which, is the soul of happiness.

We believe that humans are naturally good and moral, equal in human rights, and equal in civil rights and duties. We need to be sensitive to what is good in human heritage (religion, culture, philosophy, and science) and to do well - within our legal boundaries - with what we believe is right, i.e. what would surely leads to preserving beauty, fostering love between us, and bestowing us with happiness. To achieve this goal we, humans need to work together. We believe that people share a wealth of moral principles sufficient to ground global collaboration, to sustain strong relationships, and to maintain good conduct in all interaction. Consequently, people would enjoy respect, prosperity, and equality regardless of faith, ethnicity, race, gender, or politics and to live together in harmony and peaceful coexistence - much needed in today’s turbulent world. In this journey, we believe that love is the ultimate motivation and the driving force of our existence and whatever we do.

[1] In his article on the philosopher Wilhelm Dilthy in The Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

[2] Beth K Mutai and John N Waitumbi (2010): Apoptosis stalks Plasmodium falciparum maintained in continuous culture condition; Malaria Journal 2010 9 (Suppl 3):S6.

[3] Philosophical Inquiries: An Introduction to Problems of Philosophy, Nicholas Rescher - 2010

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