Tent of Love

 An Interfaith community relations project using the idea of a tent of love as a metaphor for inclusion. The OLF advances the following moral and ethical framework in which Religion (Arabic: Deen) is used in the sense of good interaction out of love and upon moral principles with humans and nature. In this sense, worship or religiousness is achieving morality in character and excellence in conduct with humans and nature. To achieve this objectives we need national and global collaboration.

Our plan is to empower interfaith communities and the rest of society to get together upon humanity and their shared values. Statistics show that the percentage of the people who professed adherence to religion or faith is 67% in the UK and 84% worldwide. We believe that interfaith communities share with other people the values of love, compassion, and respect that bond them heartedly as well as the golden rule that induces good conduct between them and all humans. In this humane climate people will have ownership of and commitment to living in harmony and peaceful coexistence and advancing active national and global citizenship. Moreover, interfaith communities will join the global effort of taking care of this part of the universe as a religious duty.

Current Activities

To advance these objectives the OLF is working locally in partnership with the Community House in Newport and regionally with the interfaith council of Wales. Our first initiative is to hold an interfaith conference in Wales. The theme will be: Getting together upon our shared values. Faith leaders will substantiate from the tenets and teachings of their religions: compassion and love for good community relations, moral principles for good conduct, and the virtue of caring for nature.

To achieve national consensus upon our shared values, the OLF will collaborate with regional interfaith organisations across the UK to hold similar conferences.

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