About Us: Where Do We Come From?

The OLF is inspired and guided by the belief that humans are one family, sharing one home – earth, and its natural resources to survive. We believe that happiness resides in interacting upon morality and bonding with love.

Love: In general love is the tender attraction of the heart to beauty, glory, perfection, or value wherever they may be. However, the greatest is mutual love, which is happiness. Love is the ultimate motivation and the driving force of our existence and all the good we do.

Happiness: Happiness is reciprocal loving, sharing and caring: you can have it only when you extend it to others.

Happiness is not a direct consequence of possession of things that may lead to it like luxurious houses, wealth, fame, and power; in fact, such gains may corrupt some people.

Justice: Justice in interaction is respect and the abiding of law that preserves the rights of humans and nature; it is the threshold - the lowest level of morality and good conduct that prevents people from corruption. While bonding with love and interacting upon morality and good conduct are the pillars of happiness of all society.

Principles of Morality are consistent in their causal connection with happiness. In this way, their consistency is comparable to the laws of nature. The two sets of regularities function in harmony to maintain the wellbeing of humans and the balance of nature, i.e. morality regulates humans’ social and economic interactions that maintain their wellbeing in conformity with the balance of nature.

Freedom of faith: Despite the belief that religion may be essential for the wellbeing of humankind and the balance of nature, the teachings of all religions maintain the right of people to accept religion wilfully, or reject it. Therefore, no one has the right to force religion upon people, even if that one is a prophet of God, a religious leader, or a political leader.

A cohesive society is like one person, hence the others become oneself. Its wellbeing resides in bonding with love and avoiding harming and hurting, its freedom is beautified by respect and the absence of any compulsion, and its happiness resides in loving, caring, and sharing.

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